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2D to 3D feature

2D to 3D feature

Vizcom's new 2D Studio allows users to convert any 2D image into a 3D model. This feature is accessible to all Vizcom users.

How to Convert 2D Image to 3D Model

  1. Access Layer Options:

    • Click the thumbnail of any layer or the three dots on the right of any layer.

    • Select "Generate 3D Model from Layer."

    • Alternatively, access via the Tools menu (small star icon in the upper center).

  1. Generate 3D Model:

  • Vizcom will create a new layer, separate the core concept image from the background, and generate the 3D model.

  1. Viewing and Adjusting the Model:

  • Click the new layer after processing.

  • Use bounding box controls to scale the model.

  • Use orbit controls to inspect the model from different angles.

Exporting the 3D Model

Tutorial video