Workspace setup

My files

How My files creates a more seamless collaborative workspace

Working in a collaborative workspace can be intimidating without a private space of your own. The My files section is a personal space to hold files and folders that are inaccessible to other workspace members. This is your space to do whatever you would like.

My files is a place for private exploration of your design ideas. Only when you're ready to share with a Team do they become accessible to others.

How do I share my Drafts with other members?

You can move files and folders from My files into any team at any point when you are ready to share your work. Simply click the ellipses menu icon or right-click > move to open the move window.

Who can access My files?

No one besides you! This is your own space, separate from anyone else in the workspace.

Why do I have separate My files in each workspace?

Each Workspace provides you with a private My files section. Files and folders that you store in your My files in one workspace will not be accessible in the My files of another workspace. This is because each workspace is entirely separate from one another.