Getting started


Editing specific areas - inpainting

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When you’re developing a product, in the design process you will eventually reach a place where you have to fixate most of the design and start working on some specific details. This is exactly what Inpainting [G] is suitable for.

How to use Inpainting [G]

Step 1

Have a rendering or any image on your canvas.

Step 2

Find the inpainting tool at the top toolbar or hit [G] on the keyboard

Step 3

Draw a continuous path around the specific area you want to focus on

Step 4

Write a prompt specifically for the selected area!

  • In this example I selected the midsole area, so I described the midsole part of the shoe only.

Step 5

Select the Drawing influence according to your intention

  • The Inpainting feature works independently from Render / Refine mode, but the drawing inflcunce slider still controls it.

  • So keep the influence high if you want to re-render the selected area with closer to the current lines or keep it low to give it more dependency on your prompt.

Step 6

Hit Generate!

Keep generating and experiment with different settings until you satisfied with the results!


Feel free to always use the brush tool [b] under the inpainting mask to influence the changes by drawing.

Keep in mind, that your drawing will only influence the lines of the output. The color and overall aesthetic is controlled by the prompt.