Getting started


Editing specific areas - inpainting

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When you’re developing a product, in the design process you will eventually reach a place where you have to fixate most of the design and start working on some specific details. This is exactly what Inpainting [G] is suitable for.

How to use Inpainting [G]

Step 1

Have a rendering or any image on your canvas.

Step 2

Find the inpainting tool at the top toolbar or hit [G] on the keyboard.
Select whichever selection method you want to use.

Step 3

Draw a continuous path around the specific area you want to focus on

Step 4

Write a prompt specifically for the selected area!

  • Set the mode either to Render a new part, or Refine on the existing one

  • Describe with the prompt only the selected area

Step 5

Select the Drawing influence according to your intention

  • The Inpainting feature works independently from Render / Refine mode, but the drawing influnce slider still controls it.

  • So keep the influence high if you want to re-render the selected area with closer to the current lines or keep it low to give it more dependency on your prompt.

Step 6

Hit Generate!

Keep generating and experiment with different settings until you satisfied with the results!