Workspace setup



Your Vizcom account allows you to set up Workspaces where you can collaborate with the rest of your team in editing files, depending on each workspace member’s role (see below). You can invite people to your Workspace as either Admin (limits apply on the Starter plan, priced per Admin on paid plans), Editors (limits apply on the Starter plan, priced per Editor on paid plans), and Viewers (unlimited, free on all plans). With a single Vizcom account, you have the ability to create and join other Workspaces.

Stay structured with individual Workspaces, all managed under one account.

Folders and teams help you keep your work organized while using a singular workspace, but creating separate Workspaces elevates this experience. Workspaces operate entirely independently from one another, while still residing within a unified account. Each Workspace has the capability to host distinct members and content. Members belonging to one Workspace won’t be able to see the work or the members of other Workspaces, ensuring a clear separation. Each Workspace can be subscribed to a different payment plan.

Using a Workspace

Workspaces are completely separate from one another. This means each Workspace can have its own teams with different members, subscribed to different pricing plans. Only those members can share content with the members of that Workspace.


As an admin:

  • Navigate to Settings > General to add a workspace logo, edit your workspace name, and delete your workspace.

  • Navigate to Settings > Members to invite members and manage roles

  • Navigate to Settings > Teams to create teams for your workspace (limits apply based on subscription plan, go here for more info on setting up teams)

Workspace Subscription Plans

When you get started with Vizcom for free, your workspace will be on the free Starter plan. You can upgrade your workspace anytime under Settings > Plans & Billing to access additional features.

Multiple workspaces

Your Workspace acts as a container, ensuring your content remains distinct within a single account. By using multiple Workspaces, you can add different members to different workspaces, giving specific groups access to specific content. Invitations to join separate Workspaces may be extended to align with distinct teams or entirely separate company entities.

Switching between Workspaces

To switch between different Workspaces, simply click the workspace dropdown menu using the toggle located in the top left corner of your Workspace.

Delete workspace

Deleting your workspace is big deal, so we're here to help. Please contact our support team to carry out this action. If you're looking to manage or cancel your subscription, you can so at Settings > Plans & Billing