Getting started

3D Layers

Importing 3D models

Upload 3D models in Vizcom and sketch over them to quickly validate your ideas with a high-quality render.

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Sometimes in the design process, when you already have a base 3D model, it is nice sketch over that volume and create renderings, precisely on top of the package.

In Vizcom, with the 3D layers feature, you have the option to upload your 3D models, set the preferred view, sketch over your model and create coherent renderings.

This is all possible with the help of the 2 mediums on top of each other (3D Model + sketch).

This way you can quickly visualize ideas in 3D.

How to import 3D models

After creating a new file, Click on the Insert button.

Here you can upload a 3D model. (There are already uploaded template models in the library.)

Supported formats:
.glb / .obj / .fbx / .stl

How to use 3D layers

Step by-step

  1. Insert a 3D model on the canvas and set the desire position

  2. Use the brush tool to sketch other details on the model (as a new layer on top)

  3. Write a prompt and Upload a reference image

  4. Use the selection tool (G) and create the rendering

    • Select the entire canvas to apply the mooivie scene, by pressing Ctrl+A or CMD +A after clicking on the selection tool(G)

    • Click on Generate to render your 3D model!