Understanding Vizcom

Render Styles

Render styles

You can create renderings in different styles, according to your preference.

Utilise the differnt render styles

How to use Render styles

  1. In the Brush Studio drawing app, go to the "Create" tab

  1. In Render mode, you can see the "Render style" dropdown menu, where you can choose the preferred style

  1. If you click on "Generate", the renderings will be created according to the selected style to give you a range of unique aesthetics on your same inputs

What Render styles do we offer?

Vizcom General

Stunning, photorealistic imagery that puts the focus on your product.

This mode allows the most creative freedome when it comes to promting

Automotive Interior

Focus on the details, shapes and forms of seats, dashboards, steering wheels and other interior elements.

Volume Render

Three-dimensional look with a emphasis on depth and form.

Pastel Render

Gentle and soothing color palette, inspired by the soft hues of pastel colors

Technicolor 6

Futuristic, concept Art inspired style with emphasis on the vibe and envinronment of the whole composition.

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