Understanding Vizcom

Best Practices

Best Practices

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Tips when uploading a sketch

Clean sketch

  • Which of the 2 sketches do you think would be easier for you to render by hand? Vizcom AI needs a clean drawing to produce clean results.

  • Make sure to upload one sketch at a time. If multiple sketches exist on a page Vizcom will get confused about which drawing to prioritize.

  • Try to make sure your drawings are uniform in color, no backgrounds, and have clean readable linework.

Bigger sketch - more details

  • Scale your sketch up with the transform tool [m], to get more details in your rendering, also to put the emphasis on the product and not on the added background

Bad Examples

❌Too many drawings on one page

❌Messy background

❌Too small sketches


Good Examples

✅Single Sketch

✅No background

✅Contrast Lines

✅ Minimal Linework

✅ Results

Combining aesthetichs

Combine your unique shape with existing brand's DNA

This way you can cover the stylistic range from abstract shape to more conservative concept vehicles and explore the interesting in-between results.

Step 1

Create a volume on your input sketch

Step 2

use that volume to increasingly merge the certain brand's aesthetics together as you lower the drawing influence slider.

Step 3

Push the bundaries and find the lowest drawing influence number, where you get an interesting combination of your shape, interpreted as a concept car.

Step 4

Analyze the results of your advanced shape exploration