Workspace setup

Manage members

Managing members in your workspace

Vizcom is even more powerful when you invite people to join you in your workspace.

Inviting members

It's important to know that only Admins of a workspace can invite members. Make sure you're in a workspace in which you are the Admin of.

To invite members, you can use any of the invite members buttons in the application to open the invite modal. You can also manage the members list by navigating to Settings > Members.

From here, type the email addresses of the individuals you are inviting. You can set the role type for these users as well. See below for information about these role types.

Once the invites are sent, each invited member will receive an invite email in their email inbox. Members without a Vizcom account will need to create one. Members that already have a Vizcom account will automatically see this new workspace in their workspace dropdown. As an Admin, you can check to see who has not accepted the invite by navigating to Settings > Members and locating the members who are "pending."

Member roles

Your Workspace comes with different roles depending on the plan you have. Below you can find a breakdown of the types of roles and permissions provided for each plan.

  • Starter plans offer two seats as either Admin or Editor, and unlimited Viewers (free).

  • Professional plans offer unlimited Admins (paid), Editors (paid), and Viewers (free).

  • Organization plans offer unlimited Admins (paid), Editors (paid), and Viewers (free).

Viewers in a Workspace
  • Viewers are free and unlimited on all plans

  • Can view files shared in a Workspace

  • Cannot invite other members to the Workspace

  • Cannot start a new file or edit existing files

Editors in a Workspace
  • Editors are paid roles (Starter plan allows 1 additional free editor). Price differs based on plan. See more about our pricing here

  • Can create and edit files

  • Cannot invite other members to the Workspace

  • Cannot create teams

  • Cannot manage Workspace settings, billing, security, or privacy

  • If an Editor wants to upgrade to an Admin, they will need to contact an Admin of the Workspace. Admins are listed on the Members page in the Workspace settings

Admin in a Workspace
  • Every Workspace regardless of the plan must have at least one Admin

  • Admin roles are priced at the same rate as Editors on Professional and Organization plans

  • Admin are Editors as well. They have all the privileges of an Editor to create and edit files

  • Can edit the Workspace settings, manage billing, security, and privacy

  • Can manage the Workspace members

  • Can manage Teams, members, and visibility settings

  • Professional and Organization plans can have unlimited Admins