Getting started

Render mode

How to render your sketches

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to go from sketch to render in just a few seconds with a simple sketch and a text description.

Start in Render mode

Step 1

Go to the right toolbar dropdown (Create tab) and make sure that you’re in Render mode. This is the standard mode of the application if you open a new file.

  • Anytime you have a line drawing or sketch that you plan on rendering with a prompt, you must first be in Render mode.

Step 2

Upload / create your sketch

  • You can learn more about how to import your sketches - here

  • You can learn about how to draw inside VICZOM - here

Step 3

Write a simple text description (prompt)

  • You can learn more about how to write prompts here

  • You can learn more about what kind of sketches would make the best results here

Step 4

Set the render style

(to decide what aesthetic sould the render be in)

Step 5

Set the Drawing influence slider

  • Learn more about what Drawing influence is for - here

Step 6

Select the Number of images

  • Draft files are limited to 1 image, you can upgrade to professional account to unlock workspaces, where you can acess such extended functions

Step 7

After setting the render up, click on the Generate button and wait a few seconds.

  • A full size preview appeared, with a selector tab.

Step 8

Select your favourite result and click confirm to save it as a layer or click on the Regenerate button again, if you’re not satisfied yet.

  • The results, which you’re not saving as layers, will not be lost, they’ll be part of the history tab, where you can restore results anytime, you can learn about that - here

Step 9

Export your best results! (top right corner)