Getting started


Workbench - infinite canvas view

Workbench is a collaborative, infinite whiteboard experience where you can work in real-time with your team members. Use Workbench to create multiple drawings at once, present to your team, and annotate design decisions. This is a unique space to create alongside others and make sure important design details are not lost during the process.

Navigating the Canvas

  • Move Around: Press the space bar and drag.

  • Zoom In/Out: Use pinch gestures on trackpads/touch devices, hold Ctrl and scroll, or use the zoom controls in the lower right corner.

Image Interaction

  • Click Image Options: Edit, download HD copy, or begin creation.

  • Three Dots Menu: Arrange or delete images.

Creating and Refining Images

  1. Add Prompt Box: Click 'Create' to add a prompt box linked to an image.

  2. Select Mode: Choose between Render or Refine.

  3. Set Options: Select render style, drawing influence, and type the prompt.

  4. Generate Images: Click 'Generate' to create images. Multiple clicks generate multiple images.

  5. Explore Variations: Add multiple prompt boxes for different styles or prompts.

  6. Duplicate/Delete: Use the three dots on the create panel to manage prompt boxes.

Managing Images on the Canvas

  • Move Images: Click and drag.

  • Scale Images: Adjust by dragging the bounding box.

  • Insert Other Images: Click 'Insert' at the top to place a placeholder. Drag the icon to specify location.

Linking and Sketching

  • Insert Prompt Box: Link to an image by clicking the plus button and dragging a line.

  • Double Click to Edit: Enter Brush Studio for advanced functions.

  • Return to Workbench: Click the Workbench icon.

Annotation and Collaboration

  • Text Tool: Annotate projects for labels and collaboration.

  • Team Collaboration: Work on projects simultaneously with team members. Follow their viewpoint by clicking initials in the top right.

Tutorial video