Getting started

Drawing tools

Drawing in VIZCOM

  • To better improve the control of the renderings, you can draw inside the application and see your results come to life in real-time.

  • This allows you to make changes on the fly and have a collaborative experience with Vizcom AI.

  • Use your favourite drawing device! (iPad, graphic tablet, display tablet…)

  • To boost your workflow, check out the keyboard shortcuts


Brush [B]

For starting, the brush is set up for creating line drawings but you can always change the brush settings, according to your preference at the top toolbar, or by right clicking on the canvas.

Eraser [E] works similarly, how the brush does.

Shape tools:

There are some shape tools for a more constructive approach (box [I], ellipse [O], line [L])

Transform tool [M]:

Use the Transform tool to scale, adjust and rotate the selected layer.

You can select layers when the transform tool is active, by right-clicking.

(Easter egg: You can even crop layers with the help of the canvas borders)

Keyboard Shortcuts

In a professional design workflow, it’s pretty useful to have keyboard shortcuts for the most important actions in the app. They’ll help streamline your creation process. If you already use keyboard shortcuts in other drawing apps, I’m sure it will fit nicely with your muscle memory.

(you can find them at the bottom-right corner, under the question mark icon)