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Creative interface

Creative Interface

There are 2 main creative interfaces in Vizcom. One is the more focused drawing view(Brush studio), the other is the high level, infinite canvas view (Workbench)

  1. Brush Studio interface

There are 3 options to customise the interface according to your taste and workflow needs. You can access the different Brush Studio layout options under the Home panel, clicking on the Vizcom logo.

  1. Default - suitable if you have an uploaded image and the workflow is focused on heavy layer usage and image generation.

  2. Classic - this option allows more space for sketching but the Create and Layers panel aren't visible at the same time

  3. Stacked - With this option you can have the Create and Layers panel below each other

  1. Workbench Interface - (infinite canvas view)

Check out the docs page focusing on workbench