Advanced security settings

Advanced security settings

A workspace on the Organization plan comes with the ability to set up allowed domains, manage workspace content privacy, and configure SSO.

You can locate these settings by navigating to the Security tab in your Workspace Settings.

Allowed domains

Automatically approve members by setting up allowed domains

To make it easier to join your workspace, set up an allowed email domain so that anyone with a matching email address can join your workspace without a manual invite or approval.

To configure this go to Workspace > Settings > Security and click the "Add domain" button. Only Admin can complete this process.

New accounts

To join a workspace that has configured allowed email domains, simply create an account at We'll recognize the email and prompt you to join the workspace during the onboarding flow.

Existing accounts

If you already have a Vizcom account under your work email, click on the workspace dropdown menu. The workspace with the allowed email domain should show up under available workspaces.