Vizcom Beta

Vizcom Beta Program

Vizcom Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in the beta program. As a member of the beta program, you’ll be able to use features before they become available to all Vizcom users. This is a great chance to start exploring design solutions and provide feedback so that we can provide the best experience possible. We appreciate your support.

🗣 Beta features can change during the beta period. You may experience bugs or performance issues during this time.


Workbench is a collaborative, infinite whiteboard experience where you can work in real-time with your team members. Use Workbench to create multiple drawings at once, present to your team, and annotate design decisions. This is a unique space to create alongside others and make sure important design details are not lost during the process.

Use Workbench to:

  • Explore related design solutions in a single space

  • Brainstorm live with a team

  • Combine images and prompts to explore infinite design possibilities

  • Summarize design decisions to help wrap up a meeting or create actionable tasks

  • Build inspirational moodboards for everyone to easily access

  • Consolidate project focused work in a single file to help organize your Workspace

How to:

Workbench is comprised of blocks that can be combined to produce unique results. Link together image blocks with prompt blocks to produce generated images.

  1. File menu: Use the Vizcom logo to navigate back to the Home page

  2. Toolbar: Use the Move tool to select and transform blocks in Workbench. Use the Text tool to type and annotate. Use the plus icon to access the Toolbox to add image and prompt blocks

  3. Image blocks: These are the windows to our traditional Vizcom drawing application that you know and love. Double click on any image block or click the edit icon to begin sketching. Drag from the plus icon to attach to a prompt block

  4. Collaboration menu: View your own avatar and anyone else who is in the Workbench file with you

  5. Prompt blocks: Generate an image directly from this block or connect it to an image block to use as a reference

  6. Navigation menu: Zoom in and out using the plus and minus icons or center your work on screen using the fit to screen icon


We encourage you to share any and all feedback with us by joining our Discord. Please include any bugs, improvements, or feature requests that you come across.

When reporting a bug please include detailed information about what you’re experiencing and steps to reproduce, if possible. Please attach any relevant images or videos to help us understand the issue you’re encountering.

👉 Join our discord channel

Navigate to the #workbench-access channel and click the key icon for access.